Video Submission Instructions

Video submissions are for registered festival participants only. All other submissions will be discarded.

In addition to your video, we require a copy of your music. If you are performing a piece from a Ukrainian Music Festival Publication, we do not need a copy of your music.

Please announce at the beginning of the video your name and title/composer of your performance piece.

Please record in a well-lit, quiet room free of audible and visual distractions and position the camera where the performer’s whole body is in the frame. Piano performer’s video should clearly show the performer’s face, hands and pedals.

Please record in Landscape/Horizontal.

Please close any open doors in the video frame.

The use of iPhones or similar quality devices that reproduce good quality sound is acceptable.

Uploading Video

You can either upload your video through our registration form, or you can provide a URL to the video on YouTube or Vimeo.

If you are uploading to our website, please title your file like the following example: BARABASH-PETER-PIANO.MP4

If you choose to use YouTube or Vimeo, please include your Name and Instrument in the video title.

Uploading a copy of your music (if needed)

Music can be submitted through the submission form as either PDF or JPG.