Rules & Regulations

Before completing an entry form, please read these General Rules and Regulations.

If you have any questions, contact the Ukrainian Music Festival office at (416)769-6789 or email us at:


1. Entries with fees must be submitted online, delivered or mailed (postmarked) by due date to Ukrainian Music Festival. There is a $20.00 charge for every entry. CUAET candidates are exempt from entrance fees.
2. It is the responsibility of the participants to accurately complete the registration form.
3. All participants will receive confirmation of registration by email.
4. The Committee will provide a piano for all sessions where appropriate. Participants requiring other equipment must make their own arrangements accordingly. The Committee CANNOT assume responsibility for damage or loss of instruments, equipment or personal property.
5. By submitting an entry, participants consent to publication of their name, performance time, and placing in Ukrainian Music Festival program and agree to perform at the time(s) scheduled or forfeit their performance(s) and entry fees.
6. Some performances and finalists will be showcased on our website or Ukrainian television programs or newspapers. Please advise if you do not consent.


7. Classes are open to performers of up to and including age 18. The age of a participant will be determined as of midnight on December 31st. Participants must provide their birth date on the entry form.
8. Only music of Ukrainian composers is allowed. Please note that Pyotr Tchaikovsky is no longer included as a Ukrainian composer in our festival.


9. No rehearsing is permitted on stage.
10. Pieces chosen by the participant are of own choice or may be selected from a suggested list.
11. All participants must supply a copy of their music for the adjudicator.
12. Classes may be divided or combined at the discretion of the Committee.
13. Performance pieces for solos, except duos and ensembles or unless otherwise specified, should be memorized. The use of music will result in adjudication only; no mark will be given.
14. Participants are to arrange for their own accompanist. Electronic equipment is not permitted.
15. Performance piece may not be repeated in subsequent year.


16. Adjudicators’ decisions are final.
17. The adjudicator may discuss the performance of any or all participants. Each participant will receive the adjudicator’s comments and certificate of participation.


18. Awardees of scholarships will be chosen by the recommendations of the adjudicator of the section.
19. Finalists will be asked to perform at the Festival Final Concert.